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Finding Passion And Purpose

Feb 25, 2019

Hollywood screenwriter Jordan Roberts is probably best know for writing the 2005 Oscar winner for best feature documentary March of Penguins, or perhaps you’ll have watched his 2014 Best Animated Feature Film Oscar Winner Big Hero 6. 


When we talk about purpose, it’s often thought that a true purpose needs to be grander than oneself, to serve a bigger cause. But what could set a greater example to the world than the compassionate healing of ones own soul so that it may shine bright for others experience. This is the domain of the artist. This is the domain of screenwriter, turned director, Jordan Roberts whose work has impacted millions of people all over the world with, as one film critic put it, a compassionate and healing voice for those who are suffering or going through tremendous struggle. She said of one of his movies: "It is like he’s giving a huge hug that can be felt through the screen".


Host: Richard Janes