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Finding Passion And Purpose

Mar 17, 2019

Chris Strompolos is the star of a fantastic new Netflix documentary  called "Raiders: The Greatest Fan Film Ever Made". His story has Passion & Purpose written all over it.

At the age of 11, after seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark, Chris decided to remake the film shot for shot and dedicated the next 8 years of his life to achieving his goal. And then... He grew up. Moving on to more adult pursuits such as getting a job, getting married, having a baby. Until a tape emerged of his little fan film and it ended up being seen by the likes of Harry Knowles, Quentin Tarantino, Eli Roth, and the grandmasters: Steven Spielberg and George Lucas themselves.

And suddenly, Chris found himself putting the costume on once again and diving back into his childhood passion. But as Chris learned, returning to your original childhood passion isn't all roses.